Tunisia's Sfax begins events as Arab Capital of Culture 2016

Chosen by Tunis-based ALECSO cultural organisation

18 July, 18:35

    Sfax Sfax

     - TUNIS - The Tunisian city of Sfax, chosen as the Capital of Arab Culture 2016 by the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), will begin celebrating the title on July 23, with a street performance in Bab Bhar titled "Sfax Illuminates the Arab Sky", where murals will be projected on the ancient Bab Diwan gate to the city. Also on July 23, the city will host a parade of hot air balloons and ships at the port of Chatt El Krekna.

    Over 1,000 invited guests from the Arab world are set to visit Sfax for events scheduled through March 17, 2017, including six conferences, six international meetings, eight music festivals, three film shows, three large exhibitions, three visual arts festivals, two theatre events, two poetry events, and three events dedicated to street art, as well as other events throughout the region planned by the Culture Ministry.

    The previously closed municipal movie theatre will be restored and reopened especially for the events, and other exhibition spaces will be created by a special delegation of the Sfax city government, to include the opening of a multimedia library housed in a deconsecrated church in the historic centre.

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