'Cultural Lighthouses of the Med' kicks off in Tunis

Artistic project to include Tunisia, Spain, Greece, and Italy

04 March, 11:51

    (ANSAmed) - TUNIS, MARCH 4 - The project 'Cultural Lighthouses of the Mediterranean', sponsored by the Italian Culture Ministry under the artistic direction of Maurizio Stammati, will use concerts, plays, seminars, and workshops as a way to build cultural bridges across the Mediterranean through music, art, and theatre.

    The project is being promoted by the Bertolt Brecht Collective cultural association in Formia, the Errare Persona cultural association in Frosinone, and the R.A.T.

    Centre-Acquario Theatre in Cosenza.

    During six weekends from March to November, the cultural lighthouses will turn on in places across the Mediterranean: Manouba, Tunis (March 29-31); Patras, Greece (May 10-12); Cosenza, Italy (July 11-13); Formia, Italy (August 24-26); Frosinone, Italy (October 25-27); and Seville, Spain (November 8-10).

    Each weekend will host an intercultural festival with the participation of Italian artists and foreign partners, such as The Lighthouse association in Patras, A.C.POR La Investigation Y Desarollo of the Teatro Profesional en Andalucia in Seville, and Maraya in Tunis.

    The festivals will include sunrise readings in some of the most striking archaeological sites in the cities, multicultural roundtable sessions on Mediterranean arts, workshops with students, and evening plays by Italian and foreign companies. The project aims to create a cultural bridge to facilitate educational opportunities, the promotion of joint projects and initiatives to develop a culture of integration, peace, and diversity as an asset and an opportunity for growth.

    The Mediterranean is an ideal place for such a project, as it has shaped tradition and art in all their forms for thousands of years.

    The Mediterranean also possesses a distinctive "brand" that combines food, landscapes, and customs to form a cultural heritage worthy of conservation.

    The project also examines the Mediterranean as a continual site of conflicts, in order to promote investment in culture as a tool for unity and building bridges between peoples and countries.(ANSAmed).

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