Egyptian necropolis with 35 mummies found

In Aswan, thanks to Italy-Egypt mission

23 April, 17:57

    (ANSAmed) - MILAN, APRIL 23 - A tomb has been found in Egypt with 35 mummies, sarcophagi, amphorae, vases and materials for funerary masks. Considered a necropolis, in use from the late Pharaonic period to the Roman period (6th century BC-4th century AD), it emerged from the sands of Aswan along with a hieroglyphic that bears the name of its owner, TJT, thanks to the excavations conducted by the Italian-Egyptian mission coordinated by the University of Milan and the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquity. The excavations, under the direction of Patrizia Piacentini, who teaches Cultures of the Ancient Near East, Middle East, and Africa from the University of Milan, along with Abdelmanaem Said from the Ministry of Egyptian Antiquities, mapped about 300 tombs dating back to between the 6th century BC to the 4th century AD, located on the western bank of Aswan in the area around the Mausoleum of Aga Khan. The tomb, which had been looted by thieves in antiquity, contains a main funerary chamber and a lateral one. In the first some 30 well-conserved mummies were found, including some of small children that had been left in a long lateral niche, and propped up against a wall, an intact stretcher in palm wood and linen strips, used by people who had deposited the mummies in the tomb. Decorating it were vases containing bitumen for mummification, white 'cartonnages' ready to be painted and others already painted, a wooden statue in a good state of conservation and painted as a Ba-Bird, representing the spirit of the deceased. In the second funerary room, four mummies were found with vases containing the remains of food, fundamental for the 'journey' that the deceased was about to make. Two mummies on top of each other, probably a mother and her son, were still covered in painted 'cartonnage', a sort of funerary mask made out of papyrus, while a sarcophagus was dug directly into the rocky floor.(ANSAmed).

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