Nuragic culture running to become UNESCO heritage

Application submitted for insertion on "Tentative List"

06 October, 18:36

    CAGLIARI - The "Sardinia Towards UNESCO" committee campaigning to include Sardinia's nuragic culture on the UNESCO World Heritage List presented an overview on Tuesday of its recently submitted application to the UNESCO "Tentative List" to be considered for a nomination.

    The only Sardinian cultural heritage currently on the UNESCO World Heritage List is the archaeological complex of Su Nuraxi in Barumini, but the overall wealth of riches produced by the nuragic civilisation on the island is enormous and could soon be part of the "magic" UNESCO list. There is no other territory of a similar size, a full 24,000 square kilometres, where an uninterrupted cycle of civilisation has left many architectural examples.

    The heritage items and areas for consideration in the application include 3,500 "Domus de Janas" chamber tombs, individual examples of and entire fields of "menhir" standing stones, necropoli carved out of solid rock, about 10,000 simple and complex nuragic towers, the Tomb of the Giants, shrines, and a network of wells, fountains, and hydraulic works.

    There is a good chance of victory for the application, given that this potential attraction in the Mediterranean is comparable only to the Egypt of the Pharaohs. Sardinia is an open museum that unfolds mainly in the interior areas of the island that are less well-known to travellers. But thanks to the UNESCO "brand", they could be recognised worldwide, with the resulting economic and social benefits, especially in terms of tourism, that would come to the island.

    "The idea of inclusion came from the realisation of the importance that the nuragic monuments have taken on in recent decades for Sardinians, as essential signs of their identity," said Michele Cossa, regional councillor for the Reformers, the party promoting the initiative later shared on a transversal level by all the island's political forces. The application has been approved by 200 city councils, the regional assembly, and has the sponsorship of the Region of Sardinia. "The challenge we have ahead of us, in a historic moment like the current time, represents a unique chance that Sardinia can't miss for reaching its dream of having an economy that is no longer dependent on the fiscal residuals of the richest regions but that is reaching towards self-sufficiency," Costa said. He said the idea was already "received positively by many other regions, which have shown interest in recent weeks in our initiative, considering it a best practice to replicate".

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