Documentary on Beirut explosion on air, 8 months later

Director returns behind the camera to work through grief

08 April, 18:07

    BEIRUT - Eight months after the devastating explosion at the port of Beirut, which killed 200 people, wounded 6,500 and displaced 300,000, Lebanese director and documentary filmmaker Mahmoud Kaabour's short film about the individual and collective drama of the post-explosion period aired in recent hours.

    Kaabour, who has been living in Germany for years, returned behind the camera after nearly 10 years of apparent inactivity.

    His 13-minute short film is titled "My Family and the Explosion".

    It tells how the members of a family in Beirut, hit by the explosion on August 4, 2020, reacted in the period immediately following the devastation.

    "When the explosion happened in Lebanon, I was sitting at a playground in Berlin with my children; I could not believe what I saw on YouTube," Kaabour said in an interview that appeared on the website of Emirati daily The National.

    In the past, Kaabour has paid tribute, with documentaries and films, to his Beirut and Lebanese origins.

    "All I could do was head back to Lebanon and see for myself.

    Even though I left Lebanon as a child, I knew the country. I really needed to go back and do my grieving behind the camera," he said.

    Kaabour's documentary aired in recent days for the first time on a national state TV channel in The Netherlands.

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