Spain: Burgos cathedral turns 800 years old

Gothic jewel is a UNESCO world heritage site since 1984

20 July, 18:31

    MADRID - The Spanish city of Burgos is celebrating the 800th birthday of the start of construction work on its cathedral, a gothic jewel that has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1984. It is visited each year by hundreds of thousands of tourists.

    According to historic reconstructions, the cathedral's first stone was set on July 20, 2021 by King of Castille Ferdinand III and bishop Maurice. The temple was consecrated in 1260.

    Official acts and celebrations were planned on Tuesday - amid strict Covid rules - for this historic anniversary, including some to be broadcast by television. Over the past few months, the cathedral was at the center of controversies due to the intention of the archdiocese of Burgos to replace the current wooden doors with new bronze ones by architect Antonio López: the project, worth 1.2 million euros, was opposed by some citizens as too costly.

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