Shows: Tutankhamon, a journey to eternity in Naples

Starting tomorrow for 100th anniversary of tomb's discovery

22 October, 14:26

    (ANSAmed) - NAPLES, OCT 22 - History, archeology and technology are part of the exhibition "Tutankhamon / A Trip Towards Eternity" at Castel dell'Ovo in Naples, starting on Saturday. The show is organized by Innovation, under the patronage of the councilor of education, culture and tourism of the municipality of Naples.

    Ahead of the centennial of the discovery of the most famous tomb in the history of Egyptology, the show curated by Clarissa Decembri, organizers said, allows visitors to experience "an ancient, fascinating and complex culture that, through the mystery of life after death, has brought to our days knowledge of the customs of the 18th dynasty of Egyptian civilization".

    "After its debut in the United States and the success obtained in Florence, the first Italian installment - the statement highlighted - the itinerant show reaches Naples, where it is possible to admire over 100 reproductions of the most important artifacts found in the tomb of Tutankhamon, made in Cairo in collaboration with the ministry of Egyptian antiquities, including the golden throne, the war chariots, the sarcophagi, vases and the famous gold masque, as well as over 60 original artifacts from the Egyptian collection of Florence's National Archaeological Museum.

    In the area dedicated to mummification, the visitor can observe and understand the various phases of embalming. Thanks to reconstructions and virtual reality, made by Unsquare Life, the visitor can experience the emotion felt by archaeologist Howard Carter in November 1922, when he discovered the first step to access the tomb in the Valley of the Kings, understanding its mysteries and the myth of the curse of the pharaoh. With a viewer and controller, the visitor can see Tutankhamon's tomb and every single object of his funerary collection". Carter, interpreted by Bruno Santini, describes the collection. His hologram, present in various parts of the show, was made by Image Project.

    A special tour has been organized within the exhibit for children and young visitors. (ANSAmed).

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