Archaeology: 2,000-year-old coin discovered in Jerusalem

Made of silver and dates to Jewish revolt against Romans

23 November, 14:46

    2000-Year-Old silver coin found in Jerusalem 2000-Year-Old silver coin found in Jerusalem

    TEL AVIV - A silver coin from 2,000 years ago was recently found by chance by a young Israeli girl during an archaeological dig in Jerusalem in the so-called "City of David" located at the foot of the Old City, said the Israeli Authority for Archaeology.

    Experts said the coin is particularly rare for two reasons.

    The first reason regards the ancient Jewish writing on the coin.

    On one side the coin is engraved with "second year" (meaning the second year of the revolt against the Romans, during 67-68 CE), and the other side is inscribed with the words "holy Jerusalem".

    The second reason is the material of the coin, which is made of pure silver.

    "Out of many thousands of coins discovered to date in archeological excavations, only about 30 coins are made of silver, from the period of the Great Revolt," said Dr. Robert Kool, head of the Coin Department at the Israel Antiquities Authority.

    One theory is that the coin, which weighs 14 grams, was minted on the Temple Mount plaza, where at that time there were likely plentiful silver reserves.

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