Caravaggio, Da Vinci artwork on Barcelona's walls

Made by Spanish artist Quiona+

24 November, 15:50

    (ANSAmed) - MADRID, NOVEMBER 24 - 'Street Art' pays homage to great artists like Caravaggio and da Vinci to "bring traditional art to the streets" through the work of a Spanish artist known under the pseudonym Quiona+. The artist over the past few weeks has started adorning the walls of some streets in downtown Barcelona with reproductions of emblematic artworks of the past, the digital news site reports. The website interviewed the artist.

    Paintings chosen by Quiona+ include Leonardo da Vinci's Lady with Ermine and Caravaggio's Bacchus. In order to reproduce them for street art, the artist used a 'stencil' technique, elaborating images on the computer and shaping them on adhesive paper through spray-painted layers, explained Some of the artist's artwork can be seen on the Instagram profile of Quiona+. (ANSAmed).

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