Archeology: 'Heroes of the Colosseum' arrives in Spain

Show on gladiators in Alicante until 16/10/22

13 April, 18:23

    MADRID - The Spanish city of Alicante, one of the classic destinations of Mediterranean tourism, will starting on Wednesday and through October 16 be hosting the exhibition "Gladiators: Heroes of the Colosseum" at the MARQ archaeological museum.

    The cultural initiative is being sponsored in collaboration with Italian cultural institutions under the aegis of the Italian Embassy to Spain.

    The exhibition, which reconstructs the daily life of gladiators through 140 original finds, was inaugurated on Wednesday in the presence of the Italian ambassador to Spain Riccardo Guariglia and the head of the Alicante province, Carlos Mazón.

    "The show surely constitutes a new highlight in the deepening of bilateral relations between Italy and Spain, making it possible to valorise a common past that binds us and in particular Roman myths," said Guariglia, noting the "enormous success" of an exhibition on Etruscans hosted at the MARQ museum last year.

    Among the Italian institutions taking part in the initiative are the Naples Museum of Archaeology and Rome's Parco Archeologico del Colosseo.

    Starting on Wednesday afternoon, from 2:30 PM until 7 PM, the exhibition will be free of charge, MARQ said.

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