Italian film festival kicks off in Malaga, Spain

Screenings scheduled until Saturday, May 21

16 May, 17:35

    Pier Paolo Pasolini during the shooting of 'Accattone' Pier Paolo Pasolini during the shooting of 'Accattone'

    MADRID - The Italian film festival of Malaga (Spain) officially kicked off on Monday. The festival, which has reached its fifth edition, is scheduled until Saturday, May 21. The event, organized by the Società Dante Alighieri in Malaga and chaired by Giovanni Caprara, includes the screening of six feature films. The first, Cosa sarà (what will be) by Francesco Bruni, will be screened on Monday at 7 pm at the Albeníz of Malaga. The screening of a number of short films has also been scheduled. The festival's full program can be consulted on the website

    Two initiatives preceded the festival: an homage to Pier Paolo Pasolini with the screening of Accattone and the première in Spain of Lucia y el Mar, a documentary on the life of Lucia Bosé directed by Davide Sordella.

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