Mediterranean diet festival starts to promote unity

Virtuous agricultural practices and strategic assets

18 May, 17:26

    ROME - The National Festival of the Mediterranean Diet kicks off with a six-month-long calendar of events from May 26 in Capaccio Paestum as part of the EU Agrifood Week until November 16 in Pollica (Salerno), and an online platform presented Wednesday at the ministry of agricultural policies. It aims to promote the "Mediterranean Diet" heritage in a coordinated and systematic way. Agricultural policies undersecretary Gian Marco Centinaio highlighted that it represents an example of virtuous agricultural practices and preservation of local biodiversity, as well as a strategic asset to promote Italian productions of excellence. "We are finally coming out with a common voice - stressed the president of Future Food Institute Sara Roversi - to preserve collective heritage and a healthy and sustainable diet which so far, in the 11 years since it was recognized by UNESCO, has not been sufficiently valued".

    This year the Comunità emblematica in Pollica (Salerno) has the presidency of the network of seven UNESCO emblematic communities of the Mediterranean Diet including Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Pollica. On this occasion, and in view of the International Day for Biological Diversity that will be celebrated on May 22, the agenda includes cultural initiatives in archaeological areas, meetings for the promotion and safeguard of Italian immaterial cultural heritage and the Mediterranean landscape. "This festival represents an important moment of discussion and a further occasion to promote the knowledge, especially among youths, of the precious heritage that we should never take for granted", stressed undersecretary Centinaio. "For the fifth consecutive year - he added - the Mediterranean Diet is confirmed as the best in the world in the ranking of US News & World Report. To those who suggest we should eat insects, synthetic meat and wine without alcohol, we prefer the Mediterranean Diet, which is tradition, culture, preservation of our biodiversity and is sustainable for the planet. It is our best response to Nutriscore and the way to follow for better nutrition".

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