Economy:Spain and Italy in EU immigrants remittances top

91% of remittances from Greece sent to non-EU countries

12 December, 15:32

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, DECEMBER 12 - The largest sum of remittances sent in 2010 by immigrants in the EU was sent from Mediterranean countries, led by Spain (23% of total remittances) with 7.2 billion euros. In the same year Italy was found on second place, with a 21% share and a total of 6.6 billion euros.

Only 10% (3 billion euros) was sent from Germany, followed by France (9% and 2.9 billion) and the Netherlands (5% and 1.5 billion euros). Among all EU member States, the largest slice of remittances sent to non-EU countries was recorded by Greece (91%), for a total of 783 million euros. But the highest value, considering the fact that the Spanish figure is not reported, was recorded by Italy, with 5 billion 347 million euros sent over EU borders.

Looking over a longer period, the total of remittances sent in 2010 by EU immigrants showed a slight increase from the past years, after the strong impact of the economic crisis in 2009, but still remained below 2007 levels. As a whole, the flow of money sent by EU immigrants last year reached 31.2 billion euros, against 30.4 in 2009 (+3%).(ANSAmed)
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