Spain: Treasury auction below targets, but greater interest

Compared with previous auction

24 April, 13:25

(ANSAmed) - MADRID, APRIL 24 - The Spanish Treasury has today placed 1.93 billion euros in 3 and 6-month bonds, some way below the fixed target of 2 billion, though there was significant demand and a greater rate of interest than during the previous auction. some 729 million euros in 3-month bonds were issued, with demand 7.6 times the amount and interest of 0.63% compared to 0.381% at the previous auction. A total of 1.21 billion euros in 6-month 'bonos' were also issued, with profitability of 1.5% compared to the 0.836% figure at the previous auction. Today's auction took place in a climate of great market pressure on Spanish public debt, a day on from a black Monday, which saw the Ibex market index go below 7,000 points and a spread between the 10-year Spanish bono and the reference German bund at 430 base points at the opening of the day's trading. (ANSAmed).