Crisis: Greece, Athens cancels purchase of C-27 aircraft

27 April, 11:40

(ANSAmed) - ATHENS, APRIL 27 - The Greek Government Council of Foreign Affairs and Defence (KYSEA), that convened on Thursday afternoon under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Lucas Papademos, decided to cancel the buying of the remaining four Alenia C-27 transport aircraft. According to relevant government sources, as Athens News Agency reports, the 8 of the 12 that Greece has ordered from the Italian company have already been received, but only one is in full operational readiness.

Consequently, according to the same sources, a consultation is under way with the Italian Alenia company, so that instead of the four aircraft, Greece can obtain spare parts for the functioning of the seven that have been received, but for which there are not enough spare parts for them to function fully. It is estimated that about 58 million euros will be saved from this change. KYSEA also approved the new manual on the handling of crises based on the armed forces new structure, as well as Greece's response to the obligation to provide officers for NATO's rapid intervention forces.(ANSAmed).


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