Greece: The 14 programme points of the Samaras government

Agreed by 3 parties that form the coalition

22 June, 12:11

    (ANSAmed) - ATHENS, JUNE 22 - After three days of intense negotiations, the three parties that form the new Greek coalition government - New Democracy (centre-right), Pasok (socialist) and Dimar (Democratic Left, moderate) - have reached agreement on 14 points. The deal, the economic newspaper Kerdos writes today, has been summarised in an 8-page document that will be released today or tomorrow. These, according to the newspaper, are the 14 points: 1- Stop all layoffs in the public sector; 2- Block all wage and pension cuts; 3- Recapitalise the Agriculture Bank, which will be used as development instrument; 4- Lower VAT on food products; 5- Regulate loans (each installment has a maximum of 30% of a person's income); 6- Reinstate dismissal pay; 7- Return to collective wage deals as of September 2012; 8- Keep corporate tax at current levels; 9- The so-called "Ragusis law" stays in force as it is. This law grants children of immigrants born in Greece the Greek nationality; 10- Increase citizen security; 11- Reduce party funding by 20%; 12- Abolish pensions for new MPs and define a ceiling for the pensions of sitting MPs. 13- Impound properties of politicians who cannot explain where their income has come from; 14- Retroactive inspection of properties of all politicians including party leaders.

    "The necessary programme consensus has been reached on many important point," said Prime Minister Antonis Samaras in his report to the Council of Ministers.

    "The text will soon be handed over to the press. This is a first in Greece politics, it is what Greek citizens have indicated in the most recent elections. The three parties have followed these directions successfully, showing a sense of responsibility towards the voters and towards the problems" that lie ahead.


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