Qatar to buy US helicopters, missiles, press

17 July, 12:48

(ANSAmed - DOHA, JULY 17 - Qatar is preparing to buy 25 attack helicopters AH-64D Apache Longbow and 700 Hellfire missiles under an accord worth 3 billion dollars with the United States, according to Arabian Business.

The Emirate is also reportedly interested in buying military hardware including night vision goggles and missile launching equipment.

The US Defence Security Cooperation Agency said the sale would contribute to the country's security by improving the security conditions of its ally Qatar, which it said represents an important force in the political and economic progress of the Middle East. It also said the accord would help protect important oil rigs.

Military relations between the United States and Qatar are consolidated and the two countries previously signed a defence cooperation accord in 1991. Qatar hosts a US Air Force base.