Algeria: EU gives 58 mln euros in crucial sectors, Ashton

Deals signed on youth jobs, culture, transportation

07 November, 18:59

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, NOVEMBER 7 - EU Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton on her recent mission to Algeria signed off on a 58-billion-euro packet of aid for cultural conservancy, transportation reform and youth employment programs.

''Relations with Algeria are extremely important for the EU,'' Ashton said. ''The three agreements we just signed are also a demonstration of how important these ties are: it is crucial to help young people get jobs, we cannot underestimate the importance of preserving cultural heritage, and a transportation strategy is fundamental to developing the economy with the infrastructure it needs.'' Of the aid packet, 21.5 million euros are slated for pilot cultural conservancy projects in 12 Algerian provinces. Another 13 million euros will go to improve transportation security and professional training, and to support the national transportation plan. The lion's share, or 23.5 million euros, goes to fighting youth unemployment, reinforcing central and local institutions and financing NGO projects.

There will be initiatives in four pilot Algerian provinces, with local employment agency branches aimed at youth. (ANSAmed).


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