Crisis: less than 1/2 of Italian HS degree holders employed

Istat 2011 data shows 82.3% still live with their parents

28 December, 11:00

Secondary science students check their A level marks Secondary science students check their A level marks

(ANSAmed) - ROME - Just 45.7% of Italians who graduated in 2007 have found a job, a 2011 survey by the national statistics bureau Istat showed.

A previous survey of 2004 graduates showed more than 50% had found jobs three years after leaving school, Istat said.

Unemployment is highest among secondary school graduates, those with fine arts degrees and those with teaching certificates (34%), against 22.4% for those with technical diplomas and 21.4% of those with degrees from professional institutes.

Of those who did find a job in spite of the crisis, 37.8% has a full-time job, 27.3% has a short-term contract, 7.3% works under project-based contracts, and 19% has occasional or seasonal employment.

Many high school graduates work, study, and look for new employment at the same time, the Istat data showed. Just over 9% works and goes to school, and about 4% don't work and don't study.

Of 2007 high school graduates, almost 64% went on to university, while just 2.5% pursued a fine arts or musical degree. Of those who attended university, just under 14% obtained their degree, while another 9% interrupted or abandoned their studies. At least 82.3% still lived with their parents and 5.5% lived on their own, with few having formed families of their own. (ANSAmed).


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