Crisis: Slovenian PM rules out international aid

Premier says comparison with Cyprus inappropriate

27 March, 18:13

(ANSAmed) - LJUBLJANA, MARCH 27 - Slovenia does not need international aid to ward off the crisis and will manage its banking sectors problems on its own, said Slovenian Prime Minister Alenka Bratusek on Wednesday. The newly-sworn in premier was responding to questions by members of parliament following international press reports that Slovenia may be the next eurozone country to ask for assistance from the troika after Cyprus. ''Slovenia is able to resolve the situation on its own,'' Bratusek said, noting that his government, which was sworn in last week, would be giving priority status to getting the baking sector back on its feet. ''The finance minister is working day and night,'' added the premier, saying that Minister Uros Cufer is an expert on banking systems with a great deal of experience in the sector. ''Bank deposits in Slovenia are safe and guaranteed by the State, and the panic is entirely unwarranted,'' he said, reiterating that any comparison with Cyprus was inappropriate. (ANSAmed).


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