Tunisia: Italy commercial partner second only to France

Italian exports on Tunisian market up 60% 2001-2012

17 January, 13:12

    Tunisia: Italy commercial partner second only to France Tunisia: Italy commercial partner second only to France

    (by Virginia Di Marco) (ANSAmed) - ROME - Tunisian companies co-owned by Italian entrepreneurs recorded revenues worth 3 billion euros. The numbers describing Italy's presence in the North African country concern its impact on employment, estimated at 60,000 jobs, and the total of firms in Tunisia with Italian capitals, some 750. The results were published in a new study on "Italian business in Tunisia" carried out by the research institute on the south, a think tank linked to bank Intesa San Paolo.

    'Italy is second in a ranking of Tunisia's commercial partners (right after France) with a bilateral commercial value worth 5.4 billion euros and a trade balance worth over one billion euros'. In 2012, the year analyzed by the research, Italian exports to Tunisia 'touched their historic level with a value of about 3.3 billion euros, up more than 20% from the previous year (and growing 60.8% from 2001). In other words, after France, Italy is the second provider of Tunisia as second top client: imports in Italy were worth 2.1 billion euros. Here however the opposite trend was registered with a 23.5% drop from 2011.

    However Italian-Tunisian relations go beyong import and export.

    Italy is an important investor and various factors are attracting Italian capitals to Tunisia. First of all human resources are a key factor with a young, educated population attracting foreign investors in general and Italians in particular. Moreover 'a climate traditionally benefiting business' and a 'good pace of economic growth' help, with GDP in 2012 growing 3.6%, 'the best performance among North African countries'. Pro-capita GDP (8,760 euros in 2012) 'is the highest after Libya', the research noted.

    Policies are also effective in attracting foreign investors in a successful mix, the research noted: 'The stock of direct foreign investments in Tunisia totaled 26.2 billion euros in 2012, with a pro-capita value of over 2,400 euros (the highest among countries in North Africa) and a 74% impact on GDP'.


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