Portugal: crisis, protests against government in many cities

Premier's resignation demanded over austerity measures

28 February, 13:13

    (ANSAmed) -LISBON, FEBRUARY 28 - Protests were registered in Portugal against austerity measures approved by Parliament and to demand the resignation of Premier Pedro Passos Coelho.

    Thousands demonstrated in Lisbon, Porto and Lieira in protests organized by Portugal's main union, CGTP.

    Particularly under attack were measures adopted by the conservative government accused of ''subservience'' to the Troika (EU, ECB and IMF) which had demanded an anti-crisis plan in exchange for a loan of 78 billion euros granted in 2011 at the request of the then-ruling centre-left cabinet.

    Unions - also representing police forces - opposition parties and citizens complained in particular against public salary and pension cuts and the fact that austerity policies worsened the population's already difficult economic situation. (ANSAmed)
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