Tunisia: Bribes amount to 225 mln euro a year

27% of Tunisians admit to paying off officials

05 March, 14:10

    (ANSAmed) – TUNIS, March 5 - 27% of Tunisians admit to having paid bribes to government officials in the past year while 43% think that payments are necessary to be eligible for some services, a phenomenon which amounts to 225 million euro per year, a study by the Tunisian Associated of Public Controllers and Emnrod Consulting reported.

    According to people interviewed in the study, administrative officials are responsible for this relentlessly propagating phenomenon and has developed into a tolerated sociocultural fatality that the citizen. The study reported that 77% of respondents estimates that petty corruption has not stopped rising in recent years and 89% considers that the lack of political to fight the phenomenon is one of the causes of its proliferation. 81% of those interview considers that the weak framework is one of the main causes of corruption, also 75% estimates that petty corruption is the cause of crime and terrorism, while 74% acknowledges that it also affects the loss of purchasing power of citizens.

    Despite the intrusive presence of the bribery phenomenon in Tunisian society, 84% of respondents do not denounce small incidents of corruption, as if internalizing them as part of normal behavior in state-citizen relations.

    Minor corruption, the study cited, referred to modest exchanges of 5 or 10 Tunisian dinars (approximately five euros at most), but precisely because of their endemic spread, it amounts to total considerable figures comparable to those of the so-called "large corruption ", and thus weigh on the proper functioning of public services.

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