Greece:divide within Syriza over deal with creditors deepens

25 May, 14:16

    (ANSAmed) - ATHENS, MAY 25 - The Vice President of Greek Parliament Alexis Mitropoulos has warned that the rumored agreement between Greece and its creditors will not receive the approval of Syriza's parliamentary group, in a Monday morning interview on ANT1 as reported by To Vima online. Mitropoulos made the estimation following a recent meeting of the governing party's central committee, where many party officers expressed their reservations regarding the details of the agreement that is being negotiated at the Brussels Group talks. The Minister of Health Panagiotis Kouroumplis argued on the Athina 9.84 radio station that despite the reservations and objections, the agreement would eventually be approved. Kouroumplis stated that he would be willing to accept pension cuts, if the country were to exit the crisis in 1-2 years, but argued that so far, he has not witnessed any meaningful changes to suggest that the austerity policies have contributed towards that goal.

    Furthermore, Kouroumplis stressed that it is crucial for the agreement to include a growth package, otherwise the efforts to rescue Greece may not be successful. He concluded that “they must understand in Europe that we ask for growth, but you cannot have growth with mere words, nor can you provide liquidity little by little”. (ANSAmed).

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