Festival of Media: transparency and inclusion for growth

Day II of conference on communication in Rome

09 May, 20:10

     ROME - Transparency, equal opportunities and new communication strategies took centre stage during the second morning of the Festival of Global Media at the Rome Cavalieri hotel in the capital.

    Gerry D'Angelo, P&G Global Media director, explained how the multinational is planning to make major changes in relation to transparency.

    "It is an example of how to raise the bar … that requires time and money," he said.

    It is an investment "in something that really makes a difference in terms of output", D'Angelo added. Kim Kadlec, senior vice president of global marketing at Visa, instead explained how marketing has a decreasing role in company strategies. "Data and technology are changing the sector, these are useful gifts if you know how to use them," even if today "80% of the data is unusable", she said. In order for marketing to resume its strategic role it must change from being "a simple function" to become "an activator of business".

    Equal opportunities and inclusion can also be an important growth factor in the absence of rules and culturally bound behaviour that hamper progress in this area. Channel 4 has launched the platform Project Diamond to monitor the level of inclusion in companies. "Our idea is to be as diverse as possible," Channel 4 sales director Jonathan Allan said. "Greater diversity leads to greater commercial success," Sam Phillips, Cmo at Omnicom Media Group UK, said.

    "Not having women in a company creates a disconnect between production and consumers," Hopscotch founder Helen McGuire explained.

    The question "does not concern only women, it is a global problem," she added. The morning also saw the presentation of innovative business and communication models and examples of the use of geo-behavioral data to create targeted communication campaigns. In addition, space was also given to the continuing importance of customer relations for a successful communications strategy. "If we are focused on the behaviour of the customer our content is sure to be everywhere," Linda Yaccarino, head of Advertising Sales & Client Partnerships at NBCUniversal, said. 

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