Unemployment in Israel rises to 21% after lockdown

Social tensions growing, nearly 800 infections in 24 hours

30 June, 18:18

    Coronavirus in Israel Coronavirus in Israel

    TEL AVIV - The Israel Employment Service said Tuesday that the country's unemployment rate has risen to 21%, two months since the gradual reopening of the country's economy. In February, before the coronavirus health crisis, the unemployment rate was just 3.4%. The country's social security service said that during the lockdown, more than one million people filed for unemployment benefits. In the meantime, 400,000 people have returned to work while 670,000 still need unemployment, and social unrest is beginning to increase.

    Davar said 5,000 employees in the tourism sector protested on Tuesday in Jerusalem, claiming that government aid was inadequate for the sector, which is important for the national economy and at risk of collapsing. Similar protests were previously carried out by workers in the entertainment sector and by social workers.

    A finance ministry report said distance learning risks increasing social inequalities between those who have internet access at home and those who don't.

    On the coronavirus front, the situation in the country is increasingly worrisome. The number of positive cases rose on Tuesday to 24,688, an increase of 781 cases in 24 hours, according to health ministry figures. Currently 7,096 people are ill with coronavirus, compared to 5,000 one week ago. A total of 320 people have died from the virus, and 17,272 people have recovered. The relationship between positive cases and the overall number of daily tests is also growing, from 2.6% last week to 4.2% this week.

    On Monday, after two days of meetings, the government approved a series of restrictions to limit contact between people as much as possible without excessively damaging the job market.

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