Lebanon: fuel crisis for generators, repeated blackouts

Part of worsening economic collapse in the country

02 July, 18:43

    Protest against the Lebanese government in Beirut Protest against the Lebanese government in Beirut

    BEIRUT - The Lebanese electric utility risks having to further ration electricity distribution in various cities and rural areas in the country due a growing lack of fuel to power generators, said Lebanese media. They said in various districts on the outskirts of Beirut, as well as other cities in the country's north, south, and the Bekaa Valley, daily electricity blackouts have become more frequent and prolonged.

    Lebanon is experiencing its worst financial-economic crisis of the past 30 years and the government is struggling to find urgent solutions to the lack of liquidity in hard currency to face the need to ensure essential services to the population.

    Since the end of the civil war 30 years ago, electricity in Lebanon has been rationed, with power cuts ranging from three to 12 hours per day depending on the distance or proximity with the institutional center of the capital Beirut.

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