Gas: new phase for East Med Forum, Egyptian amb.

Badr, Charter's entry into force is a 'path' to projects

09 April, 15:01

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, APRIL 9 - The entry into force of the Charter of the "East Mediterranean Gas Forum" (EMGF), to which Italy participates with six other countries including Egypt, "constitutes a new page in efforts of Mediterranean countries to create a gas market in the eastern Mediterranean and to establish a cooperation that contributes to strengthen prosperity and well-being in the region", Egypt's ambassador to Italy, Hisham Badr, highlighted in statements to ANSA. The ambassador moreover said that the Charter's entry into force is a "signal" for member States to start "realizing projects of transit" with "corridors" of different energies that will benefit from two Egyptian liquefaction gas stations, the only ones in the eastern Mediterranean. Egypt in fact can receive gas from countries in the region, like Israel and Cyprus, to liquefy it and export it to the EU as it does with its own gas, the diplomat noted.

    Egypt, which hosts the headquarters of the forum created in 2019, "has a particular interest in the fact that gas discoveries in the Mediterranean become an engine of development and that countries have the possibility to exploit in an ideal manner their resources and richness through constructive regional cooperation", added the ambassador.

    The interest was already "evident when Egypt adopted its strategy to transform into a regional energy center in the eastern Mediterranean", he recalled. The Forum - which also sees the participation of Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Jordan and Palestine - "provides a response to the challenge that preoccupies decision makers of the region: how to create a framework for a constructive cooperation that unites all countries" of the region and that "is based on the fundamentals of international law", avoiding "any political controversy", said Badr.(ANSAmed).

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