Spain: Sanchez promises increase in minimum wage

01 September, 14:39

    (ANSAmed) - MADRID, 01 SET - Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, in a speech presenting the government's plans after the summer break, said one of the priorities of the centre-left government for the upcoming autumn is to approve an "immediate increase" in the minimum wage, a measure that establishes the wage barrier under which a worker's pay is considered illegal.

    Currently the minimum wage in Spain is 950 euros per month.

    Unlike Spain and other European nations, in Italy there is no national standard that sets the minimum wage.

    In his speech, Sánchez said that the priorities of his government - formed by a coalition between the Socialist Party and Unidas Podemos and renewed in July with a historic reshuffle - are to combine the post-pandemic economic recovery with more social justice, through the unity of public and private parties while moving forward with a reformist agenda thanks to European funds.

    Most observers say Sánchez's main challenges in the near future include the labor market reforms indicated by Brussels as one of the requirements for obtaining aid from the Recovery Fund, as well as pensions.

    One of the most pressing and immediate emergencies is that of continuously increasing electricity prices, which are unsustainable for many families and companies.

    Sánchez said the government has "acted and will continue to act" to curb these increases. (ANSAmed).

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