Tunisia runs out of sugar, to import from Algeria and India

Food production plants shut down last month due to lack

09 September, 14:28

    TUNIS - Tunisian sugar reserves have run out, according to the secretary general of the Ben Arous regional office of the tourism, trade and industry federation of the UGTT trade union Souhail Boukhris.

    He noted that there had no longer been any in the warehouses of the country since Sept. 7.

    Boukhris added that Tunisia had recently signed agreements for the importing of 20,000 tons of sugar from Algeria and that another 30,000 tons would arrive at the Bizerte port from India on September 18.

    The trade unionist told local radio Mosaïque FM that production facilities for food products like biscuits, juices, and drinks had suspended their activities at the end of August due to a lack of sugar.

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