Russian gas imports are halved in Greece, says operator

LNG imports increase, sent to regasifier on Revithoussa isle

23 September, 17:07

    (ANSAmed) - ATHENS, 23 SET - "Russian gas imports in Greece has gone down from 40% to 20%". Maria Rita Galli, the CEO of the Greek net operator DESFA, explained this to Reuters. Prior to the war in Ukraine, Athens depended on Russian gas for approximately 40%. It used the Turkstream pipeline which also distributed gas to Serbia and Hungary.

    This year instead, Greece was able to reduce its dependency on Russia by half, thanks to the increase of imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to its regasifier on the isle of Revithoussa, at 40 km from Athens. The plant can stock 225,000 cubic meters of gas and convert to gas 1,400 cubic meters per hour.

    "The plant is attracting growing interest on the part of national and regional importers", stated Maria Rita Galli to Reuters. She explained how the plant played a fundamental role in the energy strategy of Greece to improve and guarantee its provisions for winter.

    The amount of LNG arriving at Revithoussa has doubled compared to last year. Even Bulgaria has increased its LNG imports through the terminal after having been cut out of Russian gas provisions due to its refusal to pay in rubles.


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