Fashion: Zegna wins Biodiversity Conservation Award

Prize for commitment in favor of ecosystem's development

26 September, 17:20

    MILAN - The Zegna group, on the occasion of the Sustainable Fashion Awards 2022 promoted by the Italian National Fashion Chamber (CNMI), has received for the Zegna Oasis the Biodiversity Conservation Award. The award, according to a statement, recognizes "Zegna's constant commitment towards the development of the natural ecosystem created by founder Ermenegildo at the beginning of the last century, well before sustainability and conservation of the natural environment became fundamental in supporting sustainable development. At the time, the founder was driven by the awareness that the quality he was looking for in his products was closely connected to a positive relationship with nature and with the community".

    The statement went on to say that he thus "decided to plant half a million trees on the naked surface of the mountain and subsequently create a new road, the Statale 232, which crosses the Zegna Oasis, as well as homes for employees, a school, a hospital and recreational facilities to benefit the community".

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