Hydrogen is an opportunity for the Mediterranean, experts

Option to consider, but its applications must be 'tailor made'

18 May, 13:05

    IL CAIRO - Among the opportunities to be seized, there are not only renewable energy sources (wind and solar), but also several technologies for the storage, transport and use of green electricity. Among these, the Hydrogen could be an option for the energy storage.
    This was reported by an article just published on the website of the TEN - Trans Med Engineering Network company entitled "Mediterranean Hydrogen Infrastructure" (https://www.ten-engineering.eu/mediterranean-hydrogen-infrastru cture/).
    "Hydrogen is not a game changer" premise the two authors, Michelangelo Celozzi, president of the company, and Giuseppe Tomassetti, great expert in the sector. But this technology also offers "opportunities" for the Mediterranean countries, the article reads.
    In particular "Green Hydrogen is an option for the storage and use of green electricity, when there are no more mature and more efficient competing technologies, and therefore cheaper, safer and more reliable" , as Celozzi explained to ANSAmed recalling "the difficulties of storage and transport of H2": "classic examples of Hydrogen applications are the steel industry and petrochemicals", like the production of ammonia or new synthetic fuels with a low content of carbon.
    "Research and technological development in Europe are moving along these guidelines, from which the Mediterranean countries should draw the opportunity to borrow the development of new energy technologies, setting them in the "value chain ", as reported to ANSAmed Tomassetti.
    All the Mediterranean Countries, the Northern and the Southern ones, should not miss the occasion offered by the "assisted" recovery of the economy in the post-pandemic phase: financing coordinated investments for relaunching the economic development in the Mediterranean region and supporting the technological innovation in the energy sector, to develop a more sustainable Mediterranean energy infrastructure, "in view of a common future for the Mediterranean, based on the integration of the energy, economic and productive systems, as, in these times of crisis, cohesion funds can help the Mediterranean countries to achieve the Northern Europe economic recovery, already beginning", the two experts exhort.
    Clearly speaking, "it is impossible to simply replace natural gas with hydrogen in the gas supply chain", the two authors warn." Hydrogen is highly flammable and explosive "and the risks of leaks from tanks and pipes are high ", they say, recalling "the well-known problems of storage and transport ", "the most difficult to solve ".
    Some proposals have been presented to the Italian Ministry of Economic Development for the realization of an "Important Project of Common European Interest" (Ipcei), to seize the opportunities represented by Hydrogen, write Tommassetti and Celozzi, the latter former executive of Enel and Terna: among these, one proposal "concerns the feasibility study of an integrated plant for the use of Hydrogen produced with the electricity generated by a photovoltaic plant dedicated to powering an electrolyzer". Given that hydrogen "can also be produced through electrolysis using sea water, this kind of application would be replicable throughout the Mediterranean", points out the article.

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