Lebanon: energy minister in Cairo, Amman for electricity

Beirut obtains confirmation of Egyptian,Jordanian,Syrian support

06 October, 18:34

    (ANSAmed) - BEIRUT, OCTOBER 6 -The Lebanese government has obtained confirmation by the Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian governments that it will obtain over the coming months provisions of electricity from Jordan, and natural gas, suitable for Lebanese power plants, from Egypt. Beirut has also found the accord with the Syrian government to allow Egyptian gas and Jordanian electricity to go through Syria to reach Lebanon.

    Lebanese Energy Minister Walid Fayad travelled to Cairo and Amman to complete technical agreements with Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian counterparts, as reported Wednesday by Beirut's media. The meetings over the last 48 hours follow talks a month ago between representatives of the four countries as part of a US political initiative to be funded by the World Bank.

    Lebanon is facing economic collapse and lacks electrical energy and fuel. The Lebanese government has said that only an electrical power plant - in Deir Ammar - can go with gas.

    Egyptian gas (some 600 million cubic meters) will produce only 450 megawatts, just over 15% of Lebanon's electricity needs. The same quantity of electrical energy was produced for years by two Turkish ships-plants anchored south and north of Beirut. But they stopped operating because Beirut's government did not pay the money promised to the Turkish private company.

    At the meeting in Amman the sides agreed that electrical energy would arrive in Lebanon from Jordan, through Syrian territory, which has been at the center of violent fighting since 2011 in the context of the civil and regional war in Syria. For this reason, Syrian infrastructures to bring gas and electricity towards Lebanon now require intervention before becoming operational. The government of Damascus, supported by Russia and Iran, has obtained in this operation managed by the US unexpected political and diplomatic benefits.(ANSAmed).

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