Photovoltaic plant in Oman, 'as large as 18 football fields'

32,000 panels to provide one third of desalination plant energy

03 August, 12:14

    (ANSAmed) - NAPLES, 3 AUGUST- A huge solar energy plant will provide Oman with an extensive desalination system. The project, the result of an agreement between French companies TotalEnergies and Veolia, is to build a photovoltaic plant in Oman. The country is committed to cutting its electricity consumption. The new plant, explains 'National News', will span 130,000 square meters, the equivalent of approximately 18 football fields and it will be located near the marine water desalination plant of Sharqiyah, which already provides drinkable water to over 600,000 people who live in the region.

    The photovoltaic plant will produce over 30,000 megawatt (MWh) of green energy per hour, providing over one third of the energy consumption needed for the desalination plant. A joint press release issued by the two companies, states "It will be realized with over 32,000 solar panels and it will use an innovative system that increases solar energy power production".

    The agreement is perfectly aligned with Oman's Energy Strategy which aims to produce 30% of its energy from renewable sources by the year 2030. The country has increased its renewable energy plants, thereby respecting the Paris accords it signed in 2016.

    Some of the plants are already working, from Dhofar which produces wind energy and the Petroleum Development Oman's 100 MW photovoltaic power plant which began operations in 2020.


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