Euromed: Inclusion, human rights at CBC MED conference

South calls for more support to keep the Arab Spring flowering

17 July, 18:02

(ANSAMed) - ROME, JULY 17 - Inclusiveness, respect for human rights, prosperity, North-South integration, and social cohesion were the rallying cries of most of today's speakers at the midterm conference of the EU-funded Cross-Border Cooperation in the Mediterranean (CBC MED) program.

''Today we are witnessing a time of great changes, accompanied by a climate of hope. The good neighborhood policy works,'' Palestinian National Authority Minister for Planning and Development Mohammad Aburamadan said today. ''Our presence within the CBC MED program has grown, and various of our institutions are involved, especially in projects for water maintenance, environmental protection and sustainable development.'' The Arab Spring has changed the players that face the Mediterranean, said former Egyptian ambassador to Italy Nehad Abdel Latif. ''The 2011 upheavals have brought new international actors to the stage,'' said Abdel Latif, who heads up the Steering Bureau for the Egyptian-European Association Agreement and Action Plan. But more economic and political support is needed to preserve the achievements of the Arab Spring, and to prevent it from turning into an Arab Autumn, Abdel Latif said. (ANSAMed).


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