Morocco: EU approves 25 mln for poor rural communities

Support for 2nd phase of national human development initiative

23 November, 15:19

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, NOVEMBER 23 - The European Commission has approved the allocation of 25 million euros for the struggle against poverty in rural Moroccan communities. The anti-poverty measures to receive support are part of the 2nd phase of the national human development initiative (2011-2015), which focuses on 885 rural communities. EU Neighbourhood Policy Commissioner Stefan Fule says that this government initiative ''has unquestionably set in motion development and strengthened local government in the most disadvantaged areas of the country.'' This is the reasoning behind Brussels' decision to consolidate it ''to significantly reduce poverty''. The measures focus on increasing the amount of investment and the quality of the social services available, as well as bringing in more revenue for rural populations and greater participation by women and the young in the development process.'' This programme is coming in the wake of a previous European one (64 million euros) carried out with the collaboration of Germany and Belgium. (ANSAmed).


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