Libya: EU, concerns about detainees charged of 'proselytism'

Make every effort in a spirit of tolerance and respect

14 March, 17:44

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, 14 MARCH - The EU Delegation to Libya has published a statement expressing its ''deep concerns about the continued detention and the treatment of persons held on alleged charges of proselytism in Libya,'' and urging the Libyan government ''to ensure adequate conditions and treatment of all detainees in accordance with international standards and Libya's international obligations''.

According to the Enpi website (, the Delegation expressed its satisfaction concerning the commitment of the Libyan authorities to ''fully respect all human rights, the creation of the Human Rights Commission and the repeal of laws of the previous regime that restrict the enjoyment of human rights''. The statement reiterated the EU's position concerning the universality of the freedom of religion or belief and therefore, it exhorted the ''Libyan communities to make every effort in a spirit of tolerance and respect''. (ANSAmed)

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