Show focuses on anti-Nazi volunteer Jewish Brigade

Combatants from Palestine helped liberate Italy from the Nazis

12 June, 11:20

    Jewish soldiers help children during the war Jewish soldiers help children during the war

    (ANSAmed) - ROME - Seventy years ago, in June 1944, the doors of Rome's synagogue reopened, marking the end of the persecution of the Eternal City's Jewish community in the years leading up to and during World War II.
    Part of the merit goes to the volunteer Jewish Brigade, a military formation of combatants from Palestine formed in September 1944 to fight the Nazis as part the British Army on the Italian front.
    After the war, many of these combatants searched for Holocaust survivors, provided them with aid, helped them escape to Palestine, and helped Italian Jewish survivors rebuild their lives after the trauma of the war.
    Opening on Wednesday, a show titled ''The Jewish Brigade in Italy 1943-1945'' at Rome's House of Memory and History, which is dedicated to preserving the memory of anti-fascism, the Resistance, and the Italian war of liberation against Nazi occupation, tells the story of these combatants. More than 30,000 Jews signed up to fight the Nazis as part of different British battalions, and some 5,000 volunteered for the Jewish Brigade, which was the only military unit allowed to serve in World War II as an independent, national Jewish military formation flying its own flag: a star of David on a white stripe flanked by two blue stripes.
    The show curated by Bice Migliau includes the Brigade flag, enlistment posters with a cigar-chewing Winston Churchill and the Hebrew slogan ''Victory is ours!'', a copy of his letter agreeing to the formation of the Brigade, in which he wrote ''I accept your proposal...please avoid flying the Jewish flag in Egypt'', Italian manuals, and prayer books.
    Yesterday's opening was attended by Rome Jewish Community President Riccardo Pacifici, Carla di Veroli, who is in charge of memory preservation policies in the capital, and Ernesto Nassi, president of the Rome and Lazio section of the National Association of Italian Partisans (ANPI). (ANSAmed).

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