Environment: crisis; Greek people warned over fuel choice

04 January, 15:53

    (ANSAmed) - ATHENS, JANUARY 4 - With government-imposed tax hikes making the cost of heating oil prohibitive for many Greeks, they're now being warned to be careful what they burn in their fireplaces and wood stoves as soot and smoke are filling the night air, making it unhealthy, as GreekReporter website writes. The Ministry of Environment has advised people not to use fuels that are polluting, although that's the only choice left for many who can't afford heating oil that is running at 1.50 euros per liter. The country's Network Monitoring Station of Air Pollution has recorded, especially in Athens, unusually high levels of suspended particles, particularly at night, when people who stay outside for any period of time find their clothes and hair smell like they've been near a fire. More wood being burnt together with Athens' geographical position, is causing more smog and more potentially harmful particles in the air, health officials said. At dusk, a sooty smog can be seen covering Athens these nights. In many parts of Greece, this has been a relatively mild winter so far but if colder weather sets in, the use of fireplaces and wood stoves is expected to increase considerably, further polluting the air. (ANSAmed).

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