Qatar: Cheetahs new status symbol for sheiks

Law bans wildlife but authorities close eye

25 January, 11:42

    Qatar: Cheetahs new status symbol for sheiks Qatar: Cheetahs new status symbol for sheiks

    (ANSAmed) - DOHA, JANUARY 25 - Cheetah puppies can be bought for around 8,000 euros in Qatar although a law makes owning wild animals illegal, Doha News reports. According to the report, a four-month cheetah was recently sold for 7,000 euros though he had initially been placed on sale for 8,000. The puppy was reportedly first bought in Africa and will now travel to the United States while other puppies are on the market. Lions, tigers and cheetahs are becoming popular in the Emirates as a social status for the rich. In the past few years papers have been publishing photos of cheetahs and monkeys on cars or boats, treated like regular pets. Cheetahs are a protected species as they are at risk of extinction. According to the WWF, one of the main causes is hunting by poachers and the fact that their natural environment is being destroyed. (ANSAmed)

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