Egypt: EU, 47 mln for environment, agricolture and demining

Aim is to improve socio-economic conditions of the people

22 November, 16:06

    (ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, NOVEMBER 22 - The European Union is investing in the critical areas of waste management and rural development cooperation with Egypt, with a total funding of 47 million euros in order to improve socio-economic conditions for the Egyptian people.

    The first project, the "National Solid Waste Management Programme (NSWMP)", contains a comprehensive set of measures.

    Planned actions include the construction and rehabilitation of solid waste management facilities such as recycling, composting plants, transfer stations, landfills, and other solid waste infrastructure required for an integrated waste management system. The programme will also support the closure and rehabilitation of existing uncontrolled dumpsites.

    The EU will help to tackle some of those issues by supporting concrete actions, investing a total of 20 million euros out of the total project, amounting to 51 million euros. The other 31 million euros will be provided by the KFW Bankengruppe, German Technical Cooperation (GIZ) and the Government of Egypt. The project is expected to begin in mid-2014.

    The second project, the "Joint EU Rural Development Programme", will contribute to the development of rural areas in three of the most vulnerable Governorates of the country (Matrouh, Minia and Fayoum). It will provide training for rural associations and other community-based organisations and promoting the sustainable management of local resources.

    In addition, a programme component in the Matrouh governorate will provide support to the mine clearance activities, as well as assist land-mine victims and conduct awareness campaigns. In the longer term, it will also contribute to make land available for agricultural/other use. The EU will provide 27 million euros for the programme, out of the total project amounting to 36 million euros, with 9 million euros coming from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (ANSAmed).

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