Turkey: sea-turtle killed with stone tied to its fin

The caretta caretta found dead on Mediterranean coast

30 December, 19:37

    (ANSAmed) - ISTANBUL, DECEMBER 30 - A caretta caretta sea-turtle has been found dead on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey with a paving stone tied to its fin that caused the animal drown, as Dogan News Agency reports.

    Amateur fishermen found the caretta caretta, which was said to be almost 40-year-old, on the coast in Arpacbahsis today as the animal was washed up onto the shore after an unknown person or people killed it by tying a stone to its fin. The Izmir representative for the Protecting Nature and Animals Association (DOHAYKO), Semih Igdigul, strongly condemned the incident, saying that killing the animal in this way was inhumane. "I think that this animal got caught in a fishing net, then the fisherman got angry and threw it to the sea after tying a stone to its fin," Igdigul said.

    Caretta carettas are classified as an endangered species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and measures have been taken in Dalyan and Antalya's Cirali area for more than 20 years to ensure a safe environment for the turtles.


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