Mediterranea: 'Manifesto' for EU Italian presidency

Proposals from the nautical expedition across the Med sea

02 July, 11:02

    (ANSA) - ROMA, 2 LUG - The semester of the Italian Presidency of the European Union starts today. Simone Perotti, captain of Mediterranea Project, the scientific, cultural and nautical expedition which at present is sailing across the Peloponnesus, presents the Manifesto of Mediterranea, a range of proposals to think about, ponder, discuss and work. "This is a great opportunity - Perotti said - It is an opportunity even for those who do not believe in politics and institutions any longer. But any step forward, any opportunity can turn out to be useful." According to the captain of the expedition, "Italy, for example, may act as a Mediterranean country rather than a mild and a poorly effective European country. Strangely enough we have a poor sense of Mediterranean belonging. The time is ripe to discuss the very issues of such an extraordinary convergence of three continents, three main monotheistic religions, different peoples and cultures. A valuable heritage with no equal that is often underestimated. Stop talking about economy, or at least considering it the fundamentals to which everything belongs." Hereby the items of Mediterranea Manifesto: •We need to face and find a solution to the holocaust of people and the tragedy of survivors at the southern border of this careless when not even murderous Europe.

    •We need to tackle the dramatic issue of the precious artistic heritage of coastal countries, where economic and political crises seriously endangered the cultural heritage.

    •We need a wide, reliable, effective and efficient programme to safeguard fishing, protect the sea, analyse and fight pollution, take action against territorial decay, waste, and destruction.

    •We need to work hard to protect, support, and promote the autochthonous food-and-wine products of the Mediterranean, that provides quality food supplies for the whole world.

    •We need to provide massive meeting opportunities for the leading intellectuals of the Mediterranean area to gather and share knowledge, ideas, initiatives, creativity.

    •We need to promote exchange opportunities for young people of neighbouring countries in a sort of "Mediterranean Erasmus exchange programme".

    •We need Italy and the other Northern Mediterranean countries to bring their resources, know-how, activities, and work on the Southern shore, providing economic benefits and development opportunities.

    •We need a new tourist Mediterranean model that at the same time protects and give access to the environment, safeguard and enhance the cultural heritage.

    •We need a wide-ranging estate project for the recovery of villages, coastal towns, traditional buildings, in order to stop and prevent uncontrolled building and loosing valuable architectural heritage.

    "Why shall Italy not commit in a serious programme of bilateral agreements to this respect?" - Perotti said - "We wish it will.

    Some opportunities only come once, we shall size them." (ANSAmed).

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