Mediterranean honey charter in Tunis

VII edition of Mediterranean Beekeeping Forum

20 November, 18:09

    Mediterranean honey charter in Tunis Mediterranean honey charter in Tunis

     - TUNIS - ''Beekeeping at the center of biodiversity and food safety'' is the theme of the seventh edition of the Mediterranean Beekeeping Forum to be held in Tunis on November 26-28. The debate will focus on improving joint action to support local Mediterranean production, defend bees and beekeeping and safeguard natural ecosystems in the Mediterranean as well as the biodiversity of vegetal species.

    The event is organized by Inat (Institut National Agronomique de Tunisie), in cooperation with Felcos Umbria, Apimed (the federation of Mediterranean beekeepers), Art/UNDP (United Nations Development Program), Dipsa (the department of agricultural sciences at the University of Bologna) and Disafa (the department of agricultural, forestry and food sciences at the University of Turin), the Tunisian agriculture ministry, Utap (Union tunisienne de l'agriculture et de la peche). It is part of a project, funded by the European Union, on ''Mediterranean CooBEEration: a network for beekeeping, biodiversity and food security'', of which Felcos Umbria is leader.

    At the Forum in Tunis, the campaign ''CooBEEration'' will be presented. It is an international initiative to raise awareness and promote information to change the public perception on beekeeping in local, national and international institutions, farmers and beekeepers - from an activity generating profit to a wider and more strategic perspective of beekeeping as essential to preserve wellbeing and biodiversity.

    ''The main result that will come out of this forum is a Charter on Mediterranean honeys'', Vincenzo Panettieri, president of the Mediterranean Beekeepers Federation, told ANSAmed. ''An historic text that represents, on the one hand, the first document leveling out, under a technical perspective, this important food product and, one the other hand, an important contribution, of great cultural, moral, social value to guarantee the presence of local productions on the global market, enhancing the dignity of farming and stressing the effectiveness of territorial control by local communities''.

    The Mediterranean Beekeeping Forum was created in Foligno in 2007 by Apau (the association of beekeepers in Umbria), Felcos Umbria and the city of Foligno, with the support of Art by UNDP, in line with the neighborhood policy promoted by the European Union in regards to countries in the Middle East and Africa overlooking the Mediterranean and with the most recent political initiative of the Union for the Mediterranean. ''The Mediterranean is for all of us, Italians and Europeans, an horizon of proximity in which we are moving, an area in which difficult challenges are being played, with tensions that are at times violent and painful, connected with the painful process of democracy building; we are convinced that Europe today will have no future if it won't be able to get started once again from the Mediterranean. In this perspective, we are convinced that beekeeping, one of the oldest knowledges that has been a common denominator for populations in the Mediterranean, can become a great theme of joint work, construction of peace, relations of good neighborhood and shared prosperity and a common value, concluded Lucia Maddoli, of Felcos Umbria, international coordinator of the project Mediterranean CooBEEration.


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