Lebanon: 35 mln euros from EU for waste treatment

Five-year projects presented for emergency

14 January, 11:45

    Temporary garbage dump in Beirut [ARCHIVE MATERIAL 20151101 ] Temporary garbage dump in Beirut [ARCHIVE MATERIAL 20151101 ]

    (ANSAmed) - BEIRUT, JANUARY 14 - Two five-year projects funded by the European Union with 35 million euros have been started in Lebanon to help solve the problem of waste management, which has become serious due to the presence in the country of over one million Syrian refugees.

    The initiative was presented by the head of the EU delegation in Beirut, Christina Lassen, and by the minister for administrative reform, Nabil De Freige.

    The projects, called Swam I e Swam II provide for the construction or enlargement of eight new dumps and eight plants to treat solid waste as well as the provision of garbage cans and trucks to collect waste, along with waste compactors.

    An estimated two million citizens across 280 Libyan municipalities will benefit from these initiatives.

    According to Ambassador Lassen, over 600 jobs will be created and some 2,395 tons of waste will be treated every day.


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