Climate: extreme events in Italy rose in past 10 years

Legambiente counts 1,118 in 602 cities; Rome, Bari and Milan top

23 November, 12:54

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, 23 NOV - The number of extreme-weather events registered in Italy is increasing significantly every year as the climate crisis escalates, according to the Osservatorio CittàClima 2021 report released on Tuesday by environmental association Legambiente.

    It said 1,118 extreme-weather events took place in Italy between 2010 and November 21 2021.

    It said 133 of those took place over the last year, an increase of 17.2% with respect to the number given in last year's report.

    It said 602 towns and cities had been hit hardest by these events (95 more compared to last year, up nearly 18%), and that they had claimed 261 lives, including nine in the first 10 months of this year.

    The report, compiled with the help of the Unipol insurance-banking group and the scientific input of the Enel Foundation, said Rome was the worst-hit city, followed by Bari and Milan.

    Legambiente environmental association cited record heat, intense rains, extreme hailstorms, violent tornadoes and floods in Italy as examples of climate change visible to all.

    It said data on the increase of these events is increasingly worrying and that in over the past ten years there were 486 cases of flooding from intense rains, 406 cases of stops in infrastructure due to heavy rains with 83 days of stops in subways and urban trains, 308 events with damage caused by tornadoes, 134 events caused by river floods, 48 ;;cases of damage caused by prolonged periods of drought and extreme temperatures, 41 cases of landslides caused by intense rains and 18 cases of damage to historical heritage.

    It said Rome was the most-affected city, with 56 events over 10 years from 2010 to November 1, 2021, with nine in the last year alone.

    It said well over half the events - 32 - involved flooding as a result of heavy rain.

    Bari also leads the list with 41 events, mainly flooding from intense rains (20) and damage from tornadoes (18).

    Milan ranked third with 30 total events, with at least 20 floods of the Seveso and Lambro rivers in recent years.

    The report cited a new element that it described as "the enrichment of the picture of the impacts of mapped and analysed climatic events, also including extreme hailstorms, which are events that increasingly affect countryside and urban centers with greater intensity and frequency".

    Legambiente said there was an in-depth study concerning the resilience of electricity and railway networks, carried out in collaboration with Terna, e-Distribuzione, and the Italian railway network FS.

    "In the course of 2021 alone, 14 events that caused damage were due to hail. From 2010 to today, due to bad weather, there were 83 days of stops on subways and urban trains and 89 days of extended disruptions on the electricity grids". (ANSAmed).

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