Ocean temps at record high, concerns for Mediterranean

Record-high values for 6 yrs, 'like 7 atomic bombs per second'

12 January, 18:53

    ROME - The world's oceans recorded the hottest temperatures in history in 2021 for the sixth consecutive year, raising concerns about climate change.

    The Mediterranean continues to be the sea that is heating up the most rapidly, according to an international study that stated that the variation in the thermal content of oceans in 2021 was equivalent to the energy that would result from exploding seven atomic bombs every second for the entire year.

    A total of 23 researchers from 14 institutes took part, including INGV and ENEA.

    The researchers warned that the new record was set despite 2021 having been characterised by phenomena such as La Niña, which brings cold temperatures to the oceans.

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