Climate protestors glue selves to Botticelli Primavera

No damage to Renaissance masterpiece says Uffizi

22 July, 17:24

    FLORENCE - A group of climate protestors belonging to the 'Ultima Generazione' (Last Generation) group glued themselves to the glass that protects Sandro Botticelli 's Primavera (Spring) at the Uffizi's gallery in Florence on Friday.

    The group held up a banner reading 'Ultima Generazione No Gas No Carbone' - 'Last Generation, No Gas, No Coal'.

    The museum said no damage was done to the Renaissance masterpiece.

    Carabinieri police escorted three protestors, a man and two women who had paid tickets to enter the museum, off the premises.

    "Is it possible to see a spring as beautiful as this today?" Ultima Generazione said in a statement.

    "Fires, food crises and drought make it increasingly difficult.

    "We decided to use art to sound an alarm call: we are heading towards social and eco-climate collapse".

    This is the latest in a series of acts of civil disobedience that Ultima Generazione has staged to highlight the gravity of the climate crisis and demand action.

    These have included a recent campaign of blocking traffic on Rome's GRA motorway ring road, which triggered angry reactions from motorists, and chaining themselves to a parapet during a performance of Madama Butterfly at Torre del Lago, near Lucca.

    Firefighters had to intervene to free them.

    Civil-disobedience climate groups in other countries have been staging similar protests.

    Concerned citizens from the UK's Just Stop Oil (JSO) group, for example, glued themselves to John Constable's The Hay Wain at the National Gallery in London at the start of this month, reportedly causing minor damage.

    Ultima Generazione said Friday that they intend to return to museums in Florence, Venice, Milan and Rome soon for further protests.

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