Rome's Barberini Mithraeum open again

Free visits on 12/9 and 26/9

08 September, 17:09

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, SEPT 8 - The Barberini Mithraeum will be open to the public for two Sundays in September after a lengthy closing: 12/9 and 26/9.

    The visits will be free and guided tours will be offered.

    The Mithraeum takes its name from Palazzo Barberini, which now houses the National Gallery of Ancient Art, where it was found in 1936.

    It is located in the basement of the nearby Palazzina Savorgnan di Brazzà and is one of the best preserved ones in Rome. It is considered valuable documentation of this mysterious cult of Eastern origins.

    "It is a joy to reopen such a significant monument and enable visitors once again to get to know a place that is full of fascination and mystery in central Rome, like the Barberini Mithraeum," said Rome Special Superintendent Daniela Porro, noting that the two days would be free for visitors and "enriched by the knowledgeable guide of Simona Morretta, an archeologist in charge of the site, who will reveal every aspect of the place and the valuable frescoes in them." The small underground building, located inside previous structures from the 2nd century A.D., consists in a hall of about 12 x 6 meters covered at times with præsepia and complex fresco ornamentation. Above is sky blue with zodiacal signs around ten pinakes, pictures that tell the story and the sacred ordeals of Mitra and the personification of the Sun and the Moon.

    At the center of he scene is the tauroctonia, in which Mitra, flanked as usual by his two "assistants" Cautes and Cautopates, engage in ritual sacrifice of the bull.

    The presence of the fresco makes this mitraeum of especial interest, as there are few examples of such things known to still be in existence.

    The visits will be held from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM in four shifts, each of which will have a maximum capacity of 15 people.

    Masks and Green Pass are necessary. Free entrance with obligatory reservations:

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